Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement

Our Pledge to Our Clients, Our Industry and Our Community

As a provider of professional helicopter and associated services, it is essential that Westwind Helicopters, Inc. constantly strives to improve our high standards through communication, instruction, education, training and supervision. Every individual working for Westwind has a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others at all times. Understanding that every individual’s actions on a daily basis effect not only their own lives, but the lives of our employees, our clients, and the lives of those within our community, Westwind has adopted a formal Safety Management System (SMS) to mitigate any danger or potential for harm at all times. Westwind’s SMS encompasses all elements of our business and accompanies our crew from base to client project location to ensure both the safety of our team and the most secure operations for our clients. Westwind’s team members pledge a commitment of safety, responsibility and accountability everyday and vow to uphold Westwind’s SMS protocol at all times.

Westwind Helicopters has three core principles of safety in its SMS protocol:

  • 1.    Westwind pledges to protect the health and ensure the safety of our own personnel and all persons flying in our aircraft or associated with our operations.
  • 2.    Westwind pledges to seek structured and progressive improvements in all aspects of health, safety and environmental practices and performance.
  • 3.    Westwind pledges to avoid any adverse effects on the environment and mitigate any potential for harm to our local and global community.

External elements crucial to Westwind’s safe operation must satisfy our own stringent SMS criteria to the same degree of monitoring and review that we insist upon within our company protocol. In implementing and enforcing Westwind’s SMS policy, it is import that we not only comply with all appropriate standards and laws, but that we also promote the adoption and monitoring of best working practices and measures.

Westwind’s SMS Plan outlines the responsibility and accountability for safety and environmental policies, procedures and practices that are incumbent on every employee to follow. Westwind’s SMS manual covers in-depth company and regulatory policies and procedures as they pertain to our area of operations and is required for all Westwind team members and aircraft.The SMS Manual can be made available to our clients at their request.

As a further measure of our focus on safety, Westwind has incorporated the PRISM (Professional Resources In System Management) to help our operators effectively meet the increasing challenge’s created by emerging regulations and standards. PRISM interfaces with Westwind’s SMS plan and offers additional solutions to assist with safety compliance, improve the efficiency, and ensure the success of our organization. At Westwind Helicopters, Inc., we fully understand the hazardous nature of our business and are committed to ensure the safety of each and every flight we undertake. It is our goal to mitigate the potential for harm and damage and to provide top quality service to our customers and our industry. We at Westwind pledge to uphold our SMS protocol at all times and relentlessly pursue excellence in our three core principles of safety. This is my pledge to our clients, our employees, our community and our environment.

Robert M. McCoy
President — Westwind Helicopters, Inc.

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