Thank you for taking your time to read and understand Our Company’s Personal Commitment to
Ensure Your Safety, Your Security, and to Protect Our Environment.

  • This Commitment defines us and is what Westwind’s creed is all about – Safety Driven 365! Our passion is to fly and to continuously strive to better serve your aviation needs. We have done this for many years and our number one goal is to continue to grow your faith and trust as part of our Team. We, as a Team, relentlessly work together to identify and mitigate risk while striving to exceed your expectations.

  • Strong Safety Communications and Team Efforts are essential. If for any reason you have concerns let us know so we can take appropriate action and involve our Leadership Team. Aviation is not for the faint of heart and we are confident in our abilities to provide for all your aviation needs. Above all, our confidence remains humble and courageous to respectfully speak up to prevent any harm.

  • There’s absolutely nothing as important as you and your family’s Safety. Do not take any unnecessary risk and when you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Leadership Team, including myself so that we can continuously improve our Joint Aviation Operations including our Safety Management System (“SMS”). Continuous Improvement of our SMS and delivery of specialized aviation services will always depend on working together to reinforce our four pillars of “SMS”:

Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion.

  • We encourage everyone, including passengers, to report hazards and to use Stop Work Authority respectfully. Please speak up so we can, as a Team, coordinate additional risk reduction measures to prevent harm to you, our community and our environment.

  • Have no fear whatsoever of any repercussion when you report a hazard or event. Your Safety Contributions and Attitude are essential parts of our “Just Cause Safety Culture.” Please continue to help us exceed regulatory and customer requirements by using our strong Safety nets – Enhanced Operational Control, Emergency Response Training, Risk / Hazard Analysis, Management of Change, and Flight Operations Quality Assurance. We appreciate you for choosing Westwind and thank you for being part of our Safety Driven 365 TEAM!

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    Robert Phillips
    President – Westwind Helicopters, Inc.

    Robert M. McCoy
    CEO – Westwind Helicopters, Inc.

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